Weekend Links

I’m somewhere in Milwaukee milling around with other poorly-dressed historians, perhaps wondering why the in the fuck I ever decided to dedicate my life to studying dead people alongside these people, or perhaps thinking that I might this time definitely go talk to that guy over there, but either way here is the weekly links post. As always, these are a few of the things we’ve been reading over the past week.

Barack Obama is no longer a green, inexperienced candidate. His campaign also seems to care little at this point what the Bobos of the world think. Thank goodness–it’s about time.

Unfortunately for the Obama team, however, Democratic donors are far less realistic about the President’s chances. They haven’t woken up yet–partially because they think he has it in the bag–and are about to suffer a rude awakening.

The same can be said of (true) conservatives who think a Romney administration will conduct a reasonable, cautious foreign policy. If they think Obama is awful, they have another thing coming.

In other election news–and I mean actually another election’s news–the French are about to elect a socialist administration. Here’s why you should care.

Conservatives like to employ abstract arguments about “small government” and “turning power back to the states,” but in fact there are good, concrete reasons why such abstractions result almost invariably in regressive policies.

The brewing conflict between the Dems and Repubs over student loans should interest a few of our readers, not to mention a few of the posters. Stay tuned on this one.

A recent Duke study concludes that all-white jury pools convict black defendants more often than they do whites. But there’s also some good news to go along with that little nugget.

This post was very possibly written for me: WebMD feeds your hypochondria. There’s actual research now to back that up.

Finally, Friday–in addition to being National Pot Day (ah, college, how I remember thee)–was the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Very cool stuff. Go Braves!

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