She Should Sue the Whole Lot of Them

I like to think of myself as a (somewhat) politically savvy guy. Yeah, I can sometimes be something of a hothead, and there are a few issues that send me to the moon no matter the explanation. But largely I like to fashion myself a reasonable guy who appreciates the compromises and equivocations of a Democratic Party representative of a far less ideological and far more variegated base than that of the Republican Party. To that end, I, like many “centrists,” will occasionally roll my eyes at the liberal wing of the Party’s demands for ideological purity. I might be as liberal as anyone out there, but I understand the practical problems of litmus tests.

Still, I have my moments. And this may well be one of them. Say what you will about liberal angst directed at the current administration, but any reasonable person can see the merits of said angst when revelations like this come to light. It’s one thing to compromise pragmatically; it’s quite another to lack the courage of your convictions and duck for cover any time the other side cries “racism.” In fact, I would call the latter impulse decidedly un-pragmatic, and representative of a Beltway-driven ethos that too often conflates ideological confusion with sound politics.

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